Toolsman General Maintenance LLC is a facilities management and on-site engineering solutions provider in the UAE. Based in the region & for our honest approach to the work we are known by our clients with high esteem.

Our tailored facilities management programs and on-site engineering solutions are planned carefully according to individual customer needs & executed by friendly and fully qualified staff of whom we consider the very essence of our company.

It does not really matter “If they come in all shapes & sizes” as we do it all in the field,  Our Facilities Management services offer integrated management of all types of built environments from residential and commercial towers, housed villa communities and urban developments to shopping malls and industrial complexes. Our services intend to save precious time of our valuable clients helping them to concentrate on their core business.

From the design & needs of a building, our FM practitioners oversee the management of all requirements.  We can provide a range of services including property strategy, building maintenance, and operations, management of space, energy and communications infrastructure, etc.

Toolsman General Maintenance LLC has an expanding network of clients, based in and around the region, including a number of large organizations. The company is managed by a team of like-minded individuals who have been involved in the Facilities Management and Engineering industry for many years.

Commitment to Quality

The highest level of service standards is our benchmark and quality of our workmanship. We set the bar high for ourselves in every project.

Trust & Integrity

Even though our work is driven by a competitive & time-limiting spirit, we strongly adhere to a set of values. We understand the importance of commitment to our customers in all aspects which develops into a long-lasting trust.

Helping the Environment

Toolsman General Maintenance LLC believes in reducing negative outcomes for the environment by offering economical, eco-friendly services such as commercial green cleaning, building maintenance and promoting environmentally-friendly efforts through our services

Individual Recognition

We value our people and create a culture of appreciation for the achievement of both organizational and personal goals. We recognize the importance of staff training so that each employee clearly understands their role & be instrumental in achieving our objectives.

Client Satisfaction

It is our firm belief that engaging with our clients to get complete clarity on the needs/expectations is fully understood. The goal is to fulfill their requirements and ensure that all aspects of our services satisfy their needs.

Our unique perspectives and diverse backgrounds are some of our biggest strengths and we all depend on each other to meet & exceed the expectations of our clients. We rely on a team approach to every challenge to achieve excellence.